We create BIM models of scanned objects

The real 3D model of a building with a database containing detailed information about its elements, is increasingly becoming an invaluable tool for designers, architects and other users of the construction process.

Our Offer

ArchiTube is at the forefront of digital transformation. As technology transforms, our mission remains constant—deliver the highest level of quality service and care to our clients. Our turnkey solutions are secure and adaptable to your needs, regardless of complexity.

Mobile Mapping

Cutting-edge technology combining high-precision laser scanning with mobile platforms. From road networks and infrastructure to urban planning and asset management.

Digtal Twins

Presenting a real object or installation as a virtual model in digital form allows you to create simulations based on its physical counterpart with countless applications.

Building Information Models (BIM)

Create and integrate BIM models in editable formats with professional support throughout the architectural and construction process –an important way to to engaged project stakeholders and investors.

3D Laser Scanning

Commercial laser scanner technology makes digital visualizations of objects and spaces  fast and accurate.

Architectural Inventory

Accurate monument reflections help ensure  proper imaging and calculation for renovation projects and 3D  models for digital archiving.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS portals are custom, web-based, and secure—enhancing existing project workflows and providing real-time project delivery.

The Future is Now

Digital twins—integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS), BIM, IoT and machine learning— connect and support sustainable infrastructure. Economically viable and efficient, Most importantly, the “Digital Twin” is the key to securing, collecting and managing decades of knowledge and experience from the best specialists, technicians and industry experts, plus guaranteeing access to these resources from anywhere and at any time.

Real-time, Remote Monitoring

Remote building monitoring empowers facility managers with standardized access to building details whether maintaining quality control during construction or ensuring  safety and security.

Our Partners

Architube 4 Heritage

To preserve and maintain our cultural heritage and history, we provide conservators and archaeologists with precise measurements to help uncover hidden secrets of the past.

Architube 4 BIM

Our 3D models ensure that engineers and designers obtain precise source material through laser scans and dimensions performed on tested objects.


Established in 1992, our US parent company transforms global infrastructure. We work with Dawood to deliver powerful visual design and predictive analytics for architectural, planning, economic and land development, energy, environmental, municipal, real estate, retail, transportation, and utility clients.

From a 2D graphical drawing to a 3D interactive model

Our Recent Accomplishments

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Our team is made up of many specialists from different fields

Przemek Kluźniak –A licensed drone operator with many with a broad understanding of surveying, Przemek perfected his skills in the field of scanning and point clouds. He holds a Master of Science in Surveying from the University of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland.

Michał Gradek–As operations director, Michal applies his analytical skills in supervising and managing a diverse range of projects. Michal possesses a M.Sc. Surveying Engineer and Eng. in construction.

Ania Suszalska – As BIM manager and Revit and CAD specialist, Ania supervises teamwork, conducts quality control, audits finished projects, and trains new employees.

We Fulfil Projects All Over The World

We are proud to say that our company is expanding globally and our services are recognized in markets such as Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the United States.


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